Average speed system improves driver behaviour on Parkhouse Road, Glasgow


Recent speed surveys on Parkhouse Road, Glasgow, show that the average speed system which has been in place since November 2021, has positively impacted drivers speed.

Prior to the cameras being installed, over the 4 year period (2014 – 2018) there had been 5 road collisions which resulted in injury, including 1 which resulted in serious injury. Since average speed cameras were deployed on the route there have been no injury collisions recorded and there has been a significant improvement in the level of speed limit compliance.

Speed surveys conducted prior to installation found that 74% of traffic on the road was travelling in excess of the 30mph speed limit. Following the installation of the average speed system, which monitors the speed of traffic over the section of road between the junction at Whitriggs Road and Nitshill Road, the average speed of the road has reduced to 27.4mph.

Alan Bowater, Area Safety Camera Manager for the West states; ‘The recent findings are extremely encouraging and highlight the positive influence that the average speed system has had on reducing drivers speeds on Parkhouse Road. We have seen a significant improvement in driver behaviour with the 85th percentile speed dropping from 38mph prior to enforcement, to 30mph which reflects the speed limit for the road. The introduction of the average speed system has influenced driver behaviour to create safer roads for all road users by reducing the speeds and reducing the number of collisions as a result of speeding.’

Councillor Angus Millar, City Convener for Transport, Glasgow City Council , added; ‘Residents across Glasgow regularly express concerns about speeding in their communities and sometimes a significant intervention such as average speed cameras is needed to improve road safety. Thanks to the cameras, the vast majority of drivers are now sticking to the 30mph speed limit on Parkhouse Road and that means the risk of being injured in a collision has greatly reduced. Slower traffic is safer traffic and measures such as average speed cameras will support our aim of no road deaths in Glasgow by 2030.’

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