Concerns raised over Goods Vehicle speeds on A96 near Brodie

Last week marked one year since Police Scotland’s North Safety Cameras Unit began mobile enforcement on the A96 west of Brodie.

Within the national speed limit 105 hours of enforcement over the year resulted in 145 offences. 

Whilst the average hourly detection figures are reasonably low, the Unit, which aims to reduce the number of road casualties through targeted camera enforcement and improving driver behaviour, has concerns around the percentage of those offences which involved Goods vehicles.

The A96 west of Brodie is a single carriageway and has a speed limit of 50mph for Light Goods Vehicles and 40mph for Heavy Goods Vehicles.

Over 62% of detections related to vehicles of these types suggesting that drivers are either unaware of the restricted lower speed limit or have chosen to flaunt them.

Eric Dunion, North Safety Camera Unit Manager, says “Education is as important to us as enforcement and these figures suggest there may be a lack of education surrounding the restricted speed limits for goods vehicles.

If you are driving a vehicle larger than a standard car please be aware that it may have a lower speed limit; ask your employee if you are driving for work or enquire at the hire company when you hire any vehicle.’

The Safety Camera Unit has been running a ‘KnowYourLimits’ campaign for a number of years which aims to educate motorists on speed limits.  Free speed limit posters and in-vehicle stickers can be ordered from their website