Continued high level of detections at A947 Whiterashes.

Enforcement has taken place under route strategy guidelines at the current location at Whiterashes, A947 Aberdeen to Banff Route since June 2022.

Route Strategy allows enforcement along a route rather than a specific location where there is a history of personal injury collisions and speeding.

Prior to enforcement taking place a week long speed survey was conducted within the 40mph stretch through the hamlet of Whiterashes which resulted in 4183 vehicles recorded travelling at least 10mph over the 40mph road speed limit.

During two recent enforcement visits to the location 31 offences were detected, 3 of these being over 60mph and on both occasions the highest speed recorded was 66mph, 56% more than the limit in place.

Eric Dunion, Manager of Police Scotland's North Safety Camera Unit said: “At the request of road policing and Aberdeenshire Council we have enforced at this current location in Whiterashes for over a year now. The A947 is a busy route between Aberdeenshire and Banffshire used by a variety of road users and the speed limits are in place for the safety of all.  It is disappointing that we are still detecting a number of motorists who chose to travel over the stated speed limit of 40mph at Whiterashes putting themselves and others at risk.

Andrew Wilkinson, Principle Road Safety Engineer at Aberdeenshire Council said: “We welcome the continued support that the North Safety Camera Unit are providing through their route strategy on the A947. It is however disappointing that there are still a high number of drivers who are travelling at excessive speeds through Whiterashes. This behaviour not only presents risk to the driver but to other road users. Travelling at higher speeds results in drivers having less time to identify and react to what is happening around them.

Having targeted enforcement carried out by the North Safety Camera Unit is a vital part of our strategic approach to improve road safety by encouraging improved driver behaviour and speed limit compliance. These changes in driver behaviour contribute to delivering the outcome that we all want, a reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured across the road network, and ultimately working towards our vision zero commitment where no one is killed or seriously injured on our roads.”

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