Craigton Road enforcement update

The North Safety Camera Unit has now been enforcing at Craigton Road, Aberdeen for one month. During this time the Unit has deployed the mobile safety camera van 10 times and detected 76 motorists travelling in excess of the speed limit. The fastest speed recorded is 49mph in the 30mph stretch of road.

The flexible deployment on the Craigton Road commenced on the 1st May after concerns of the level of speed were raised by residents. A recent speed survey had recorded that 36.97% of motorists were travelling in excess of the 30mph speed limit.

Eric Dunion Manager of Police Scotland’s Safety Camera Unit says; “Enforcement at Craigton Road has been taking place during May. Whilst the number of offences isn’t significant it is disappointing that 51 of those offences were to vehicles registered to owners in the AB15 area. We know that the Craigton Road is used by pedestrians and those cycling and as we come into the summer months there will be more residents looking to participate in these activities. These individuals should be free to do so and not to be concerned by motorists speeding along this road.

Of the offences there were a surprising number that were detected as the vehicles had already passed the van. I would like to remind all motorists that the mobile enforcement team are trained to be able to detect oncoming and receding traffic. This enables the mobile units to detect all motorists including those with only a number plate on the rear of the vehicle.”

Enforcement is due to continue until the end of July, thereafter a speed survey will be conducted to determine if speeds have reduced.