Disappointing enforcement figures on A9 at Tay Link Roadworks.

Following the first week of enforcement at two new mobile enforcement locations on the A9 at the Tay Link Roadworks the North Safety Camera Unit is disappointed to report on the significant number of motorists that are travelling in excess of the 40mph speed limit which is currently in place.

Three visits have been made by the mobile enforcement team resulting in a total of 340 detections. During one enforcement period of less than two hours a total of 99 offences were recorded with 14 motorists recorded travelling over 60mph and 1 motorist recorded at just short of double the speed limit at 76mph.

The A9 is monitored from Stirling to Inverness by average speed cameras, mobile cameras and regular road policing patrols.

Eric Dunion, Police Scotland’s North Safety Camera Unit Manager says; “Due to concerns raised by the operating company and Transport Scotland the unit has started to enforce at the roadworks to encourage motorists to modify their behaviour and adhere to the 40mph speed limit in place. The 40mph reduced speed limit is in place 24 hours a day even when there are no obvious works going on to ensure the safety of all road users and workers. It is therefore unacceptable to see that motorists are continuing to travel in excess of the speed limit showing total disregard for those working on the road and all other road users.

We have a number of average speed cameras and mobile enforcement locations along the A9 and I would encourage all motorists travelling this route to be aware of the speed limits in place for the type of vehicle in which they are travelling.”

Chief Inspector Andy Barclay, Road Policing North Area Commander says:  “It’s disappointing that despite extra signage, community engagement and high profile enforcement the speeds of some vehicles through the roadworks is still far too high.”

Further information and enforcement locations can be found on www.safetycameras.gov.scot