East Safety Camera Unit announces flexible deployment on A994 Cairneyhill Road, Crossford, Fife


The East Safety Camera Unit will commence a flexible deployment on A994 Cairneyhill Road, Crossford, Fife on Monday 29 January 2024, with the safety camera van situated at a location agreed by the owner of the adjacent property.

Safety cameras aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured by encouraging improved driver behaviour and speed limit compliance. This site does not meet the criteria for permanent camera enforcement, however it does meet the requirements for the flexible deployment scheme. This allows enforcement for a maximum of three months in high footfall areas, where speed surveys have shown there is an issue with speed limit compliance and active travel could be encouraged by lower speeds.

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Michael Grant “Flexible deployments allow Safety Cameras Scotland to work with Police Scotland colleagues and local authorities to address concerns in areas that have a high footfall where there is an evidenced issue with speed. Speed surveys have shown that a significant number of drivers are failing to adhere to the 30mph speed limit, which is particularly evident close to the speed limit gateway signs. This deployment should be a reminder of the importance of adhering to the speed limit at all times in built up areas.”

Inspector Neil McGurk, Community Policing, Fife Division “Concerns had been raised by Crossford Community Council about the speed of vehicles in the village, which was evidenced by Fife Council’s speed survey. I am pleased the East Safety Camera Unit is able to support us and the local community to improve public safety on this route by providing a visible deterrent to speeding. Drivers should be reminded of the importance of reducing their speed before entering Crossford and remaining at this speed throughout the village.”