East Safety Camera Unit announces short term deployments in Scottish Borders


Safety Cameras Scotland’s aim is to reduce the number of people injured on our roads through targeted camera enforcement and improving driver and rider behaviour. Over the summer months we will be operating additional short term deployments, in conjunction with the “limit your speed, not your future campaign” which urges motorcyclists to travel within the speed limits. 

The East Safety Camera Unit will commence a short term deployment on A708 at St Mary’s Loch, Cappercleuch in the Scottish Borders, on 15 July 2023 for a period of one month, with an additional short term deployment commencing on 12 August 2023. As this route is particularly popular with both tourists and motorcyclists, it is expected that there will be an increase in traffic here over the summer period. 

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Michael Grant “It is hoped that the “limit your speed, not your future” campaign will remind riders that they are amongst the most vulnerable on our roads, therefore it is vital that they comply with speed limits. Alongside this campaign we are operating short term deployments on A708 at St Mary’s Loch, as this location experiences an increase in both motorcycle and tourist traffic during the summer months.  Short term deployments allow us to respond to this kind of emerging issue for a period of one month and should act as a reminder to all motorists to know your limits and stay within them.”

Inspector Ross Drummond, Lothians & Scottish Borders Road Policing “I’m aware that many motorcyclists will be looking forward to exploring Scotland during the summer months and the A708 at St Mary’s Loch is part of a particularly popular route. With most motorcycle collisions caused by a loss of control, due to excessive speed or sudden braking, we encourage motorcyclists to ride at a safe speed within the limit so they are able to react to the road conditions. I would also encourage motorcyclists to ensure they wear appropriate protective clothing no matter how long their journey - if a collision does occur the right clothing and equipment can help prevent serious injuries and loss of life. I want every road user to have a safe summer in the Lothians & Scottish Borders and the short term deployment of the East Safety Camera Unit will help encourage all road users to travel at an appropriate speed and be aware of each other.”