Flexible deployment to commence on Balmore Road, Glasgow


Safety Cameras Scotland will commence 2 flexible deployment locations on Balmore Road to support active travel along the road.

Balmore Road is a busy commuter road which connects to Glasgow city centre. The route sees an increase in active travel over the summer months which increases the number of vulnerable road users. Safety Cameras Scotland are keen to influence driver behaviour on this route and have identified 2 locations for flexible mobile enforcement.

One within the 30mph section of the road which runs through a residential area with local businesses and schools, and the second within the national speed limit section of the road.  

The Safety Camera Unit has occasion to enforce at sites on a flexible deployment which would not normally be identified during the annual site selection process. Flexible deployments are available in an effort to improve the safety of ‘active travel’ and encourage more people to walk and cycle.  Particularly over the summer months where we see an increase in vulnerable road users.

Alan Bowater, West Safety Camera Unit Manager: ‘Recent speed surveys identified that Balmore Road does not meet the minimum criteria for permanent sites. Over the summer months we see an increase in active travel on the road as more people are out walking and cycling. By placing the mobile enforcement van in both the 30mph and national speed limit we will be encouraging drivers to behave in a more responsible manner and keep the roads safe for all users. ’

The flexible deployment will begin on the 3rd July 2023.

Further information on Safety Cameras Scotland and the work we do can be found on our website safetycameras.gov.scot