Motorcyclist fined for speeding on the A96.

Following a recent court appearance at Elgin Sheriff Court a motorcyclist has been fined £500 and had 5 points added to his licence having been found guilty of speeding on the A96 at Brodie. The offence took place in September 2022 when the motorcyclist was detected travelling at 92mph in a 60mph stretch of road.

Mobile safety camera van enforcement commenced at A96 Brodie on 27/06/2022 following £675,000 investment to deliver new enforcement sites across Scotland.

Other significant speeds have recently been detected at other locations along the A96. Mobile Safety camera vans have been enforcing at Bainshole since April 2021 and have recently detected a number of motorists travelling in excess of the speed limit including a car travelling at 91mph, 31mph above the speed limit of 60mph.

Due to concerns of increased traffic this summer enforcement has also been taking place along the A96 at two locations near Alves under the short term deployment scheme. It is disappointing that a number of high speed detections have been recorded most recently a car detected travelling at 92mph, 32mph over the 60mph speed limit.

Eric Dunion, Police Scotland North Safety Camera Unit Manager says "We welcome the result of this case in the hope that it sends a clear message to all motorists that disregard the speed limits that are in place. The A96 is sadly the scene of many collisions with many being contributed to inappropriate speed for the road conditions.

We are aware that many motorists get frustrated along this road and many travel at excessive speeds and perform inappropriate manoeuvres. We hope with regular mobile enforcement along the A96 that motorists will modify their behaviour and stick to the speed limits which are in place for the safety of all road users."

Safety Cameras Scotland aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured by encouraging improved driver behaviour and speed limit compliance.

A number of locations are now being enforced along the A96, which stretches between Aberdeen and Inverness, including permanent and short term, details of which can be found on