Disappointing enforcement figures on A96 at Bainshole

Last week saw disappointing detection figures on the A96 near Bainshole, Huntly, when 53 offences were detected exceeding the speed limit.

Over a three hour period all 53 offences were detected by Police Scotland’s North Safety Camera Unit using mobile camera equipment positioned inside a highly visible enforcement vehicle.

Eric Dunion, Unit Manager says “We are extremely disappointed by this high number of detections on the A96 at Bainshole, Huntly.

On this occasion a number of different types of vehicles were detected so I would like to remind motorists to check the speed limit of the vehicle they are driving before starting their journey.

Vans hired for work or moving house are usually restricted to 10mph less than a family car.  Towing a trailer or horsebox also means the limit is 50mph on a single carriageway.

Please also be reminded that the definition for a dual carriageway is “a road which has a central reservation to separate the carriageways” therefore no central reservation equals no increase in speed limit, including on overtaking/crawler lanes.”

Further information and all enforcement locations can be found on www.safetycameras.gov.scot