Introduction of new mobile camera site at A721 Bellshill Road, Motherwell

open hatch

As a result of our stringent site selection a new mobile deployment site has been identified on the A721 Bellshill Road, Motherwell. This is a busy road for vehicles and pedestrians, with a number of the recorded collisions resulting in injuries to pedestrians. The site selection process found that one of the distinguishing factors leading to this was motorists travelling above the speed limit. In order to facilitate the mobile safety camera van there was some engineering work required to be carried out, which has now been completed and the site is ready to go.

The presence of the camera van at this location will encourage motorists to think about their speed and hopefully make the area safer for pedestrians using this busy route.

Alan Bowater, West Safety Camera Manager, said: “Following concern from the local authority and ourselves in relation to the number of collisions at this location it was identified that in order to reduce these risks moving forward we introduce a mobile safety site. Many of the collisions at this site involve vulnerable road users and could have been avoided if drivers simply reduced their speed. By introducing the safety camera van we are working towards improving driver behaviour and making the road safer for everyone.”

More information on our site selection process and the location of our enforcement sites can be found at the Safety Camera Scotland website