Mobile Enforcement to Commence on Clune Brae, Port Glasgow


The West Safety Camera Unit will commence enforcement this week at Clune Brae, Port Glasgow, after speed surveys showed that 71% of vehicles are travelling above the 30mph speed limits in place.

Clune Brae was identified as a potential site for safety camera enforcement during the 2020 site selection process. Between 2014-2018 there had been 5 speed related injury collisions on this residential road.

Given the collision history and the number of drivers travelling above the 30mph speed limit a mobile camera enforcement site will be introduced by Safety Cameras Scotland. The mobile camera van is highly visible to road users and has the ability to enforce in both directions through the use of with a 360 degree imaging system. This allows us to track and record images of an offending vehicle as it approaches, passes alongside and then moves away from the camera van. 

Alan Bowater, Safety Camera Unit Manager for the West; ‘This is the first of three planned sites which will be introduced in Inverclyde over the coming months in a bid to improve driver behaviour through targeted camera enforcement. The presence of the mobile camera van at Clune Brae should encourage drivers to reduce their speed and modify their behaviour, making this road safer for all road users.’

Further information on Safety Cameras Scotland and camera locations can be found on our website