New enforcement location - A832 at Avoch, Highlands.

Following the recent announcement by Transport Scotland investing £675,000 into new enforcement locations one of the first to become active is on the A832 at Avoch in the Highlands.

Having met the stringent site selection criteria in the 2019 process the new location will be on the A832 close to Avoch Primary School.  The A832 is a busy road for all types of road users and the most recent data suggests that over 1400 vehicles a week, mainly cars are travelling in excess of the speed limit. The new enforcement location is sited in the 30mph stretch of road close to both the primary school and playpark, by using this location the presence of the camera van will encourage motorists to modify their behaviour and reduce their speed and make the area safer for all road users.

Mark Patterson, Chief Inspector Road Policing says: “The A832 at Avoch is a new location identified during the site selection process in 2019. The unit will be visiting Avoch on a regular basis and we hope that by providing a visible deterrent that motorists will modify their behaviour and adhere to the speed limits in place. The new location is close to both the primary school and playpark so we know that there are many individuals participating in active travel in the area so in order for them to participate safely we will be targeting those motorists that are travelling in excess of the speed limit. Speed Limits are in place for the safety of all road users and not adhering to them puts the motorist and other road users at risk which is not acceptable.”

Lorna Sim, Head Teacher Avoch Primary School said: “This is a busy road through the village and a number of our children either walk, wheel or cycle to school so we need to get drivers to slow down.  Protecting our pupils is our priority and we actively encourage the children to engage in these forms of active travel on their journey to school. We discuss road safety with the children and are happy to see that measures are being taken to encourage motorists to reduce their speed through Avoch.”

Chair of the Black Isle, Dingwall and Seaforth Committee, Cllr Gordon Adam said: “We are delighted that this new Safety Camera Enforcement Site in Avoch has been identified through the Scottish Safety Camera Programmes site selection process with input from our own Highland Council Road Safety Team.  We hope the introduction of speed enforcement at this location will act as a reminder to drivers of the importance of speed compliance and that speed limits are there to protect all our road users – including cyclists and pedestrians”

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