New enforcement location A835 at Morefield Nr. Ullapool

Morefield on the A835 North of Ullapool will see mobile safety camera resources deployed from 22/05/2021 as part of a £675,000 investment to deliver new enforcement sites across Scotland.

Safety cameras aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured by encouraging improved driver behaviour and speed limit compliance.

This stretch of the A835, North of Ullapool, has seen four recorded injury collisions, three of which were serious over the most recently assessed five year period.

In addition, recent speed surveys have shown that over 50% of vehicles are exceeding the speed limit.

Eric Dunion Unit Manager of the North Safety Camera Unit says: “The A835 is sadly the scene of many collisions with many being contributed to inappropriate speed for the road conditions. The new location at Morefield has been identified with a number of recorded injury collisions, the majority involving motorcycles. Whilst the location at Morefield is a permanent location we are aware that the popularity of the North Coast 500 route and the increase in staycations this year will mean that there are many more motorists travelling on the A835 who are unfamiliar with the local terrain and we are actively considering additional locations as part of our short term deployment scheme. We will be deploying our mobile camera vans at Morefield on a regular basis to encourage motorists to improve their driver behaviour and adhere to the speed limits that are in place for the safety of all road users.”

Lisa MacKellaich, Highland Council’s Road Safety Officer said: “Given the collision history and recorded speed data in this area, Highland Council is fully supportive of the introduction of this permanent safety camera deployment site.  We hope the presence of safety camera enforcement on the A835 at Morefield will act as a reminder to drivers of the importance of speed compliance.  The use of safety cameras is an important step forward in terms of achieving long lasting casualty reduction at this location and overall a key tool in meeting the challenging road safety casualty reduction targets to 2030.”

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