New enforcement location - Provost Fraser Drive, Aberdeen

The North Safety Camera Unit will be commencing deployment on Provost Fraser Drive, Aberdeen from 08th February 2021.  The Safety Camera Van will be visiting the location with the aim of improving driver behaviour and speed limit compliance.

Whilst Provost Fraser Drive doesn’t meet the normal strict criteria in place to become a permanent enforcement location it does meet the requirements for the new flexible deployment scheme. The scheme was introduced during 2020, generally for areas with high footfall, where lower vehicle speeds could encourage active travel.

Eric Dunion, Manager of the North Safety Camera Unit said “The flexible deployment scheme provides us with a new opportunity to further enhance our partnership working with the local authority and the community in locations where concerns raised are evidenced due to the speed of vehicles travelling, but which do not meet our normal deployment criteria.  Our Safety Camera Vans will be enforcing along Provost Fraser Drive during the next 12 weeks providing a visible deterrent to modify driver behaviour and targeting vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit. The speed limits are in place for the safety of all road users and it is essential that they are adhered to for this reason.”

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesperson Councillor Sandra Macdonald said: “It’s very reassuring to see safety camera vans taking enforcement action along Provost Fraser Drive as it’s a road which has been highlighted to us as one that justifies such measures.

“Motorists should be aware they are in a residential area and should drive safely, within the statutory speed limits.”

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