New flexible enforcement location - Gillburn Road, Dundee

Gillburn Road, Dundee is the first location in Tayside to be selected as a flexible deployment location by the North Safety Camera Unit with enforcement due to start next week.

Concerns over vehicle speeds along the Gillburn Road have been raised by local residents and Dundee City Council and whilst the road doesn’t meet the normal strict criteria in place to become a permanent enforcement location it does meet the requirements for the new flexible deployment scheme.

The flexible deployment scheme has been introduced to enable the unit to enforce at locations of concern for a maximum of three months. During this time the objective will be to support improved driver behaviour and speed limit compliance encouraging pedestrians and cyclists usage in the area.  

Kenny Sutherland,  Manager North Safety Camera Unit says ”The flexible deployment scheme provides us with a new opportunity to further enhance our partnership working with the local authority and the community in locations where concerns raised are evidenced due to the speed of vehicles travelling but which do not meet our normal deployment criteria.  Our Safety Camera Vans will be enforcing along the Gillburn Road during the next 12 weeks providing a visible deterrent to modify driver behaviour and targeting vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit. This location has a temporary 20mph speed limit in operation during school days to cover pupil movements to and from and road users should be aware that we will be enforcing during these times. Both the 30mph and 20mph limits are in place for the safety of all road users and it is essential that they are adhered to for this reason.”

Dundee City Council city development convener Councillor Mark Flynn said:  "I am pleased to see this action being taken to help prevent accidents and save lives. It sends out a clear message to drivers that they should abide by the speed limit or face the consequences."