North Safety Camera Unit announces new flexible deployment on A836 at Forss.

Two new flexible deployment locations have been identified within the national speed limit at Forss on the A836 with enforcement due to commence on the 5th April 2022.

Following concerns from local residents and at the request of the Highland Council the North Safety Camera Unit will start to enforce at Forss with a mobile safety camera van this week to work towards reducing vehicle speeds along this stretch of road.

Eric Dunion, Manager of the North Safety Camera Unit, said:  "The A836 is a known motorcycle and tourist route forming part of the NC500 and has evidence of a speeding issue which together creates a cause for concern around associated road safety issues.  We hope that by deploying at Forss as part of the flexible deployment scheme we will see an improvement in driver behaviour and motorists travelling within the speed limit. Flexible deployment locations allow us to enforce at locations of concern to local residents, Police Scotland and the local authority.  At Forss we will be targeting motorists who are exceeding the national speed limit to make this road safer for all road users.”

Lisa MacKellaich, Highland Council’s Road Safety Officer said: “For use primarily in high footfall areas, where specific criteria is met, as a tool to encourage active travel - Highland Council are supportive of the safety camera flexible deployment scheme and hope the presence of safety camera enforcement in Forss will act as a gentle reminder to drivers of the importance of speed compliance.”


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