Safety cameras deployed at 6 new sites within Glasgow and Inverclyde


6 new safety cameras have commenced enforcement throughout Glasgow and Inverclyde in an effort to reduce the number of injury collisions on the road network.

Across these locations there have been 49 recorded injury collisions with up to 8 in 10 vehicles speeding. The deployment of a safety camera in each location aims to improve driver behaviour and enhance the levels of speed limit compliance. The evidence from fixed safety cameras deployed elsewhere across Scotland shows that this camera technology can help to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on similar roads.

The cameras have been deployed on the following routes:

  • Regent Street, Greenock
  • Dubbs Street, Port Glasgow
  • Great Western Road, Glasgow
  • Bearsden Road, Glasgow
  • Crookston Road, Glasgow
  • Nitshill Road, Glasgow

The new Home Office Type Approved Vector SR cameras installed at these locations are part of a £400,000 investment through the Scottish Safety Camera Programme in new safety camera technology across the country

Each camera site was identified following a comprehensive annual safety camera site selection process which assessed all roads across Scotland.  The delivery of all cameras at these locations was supported by Transport Scotland, Police Scotland and local partners.

Alan Bowater, Safety Camera Unit Manager for the West, said: “Driving at safe speeds has been shown to reduce the risk of road death and injury, enabling more people to make safe and healthy journeys. Staying within the speed limit gives drivers enough time to spot and react to hazards on the road, but if an impact was to occur it would be less likely to cause serious injury or a fatality. By introducing enforcement at these locations drivers will be influenced to travel at more appropriate speeds and in turn reduce the number of casualties on Scotland’s road as a result.”

Geoff Collins, Deputy Managing Director, Jenoptik UK, said: “Jenoptik has a long history of supporting casualty reduction schemes across Scotland, through the provision of SPECS average speed cameras.  These new VECTOR SR spot speed cameras build on this experience, providing Police Scotland with the very latest in enforcement technology.  We look forward to making these sites safer for residents and road users alike”. 

Councillor David Wilson, convener of Inverclyde Council’s local police and fire scrutiny panel, said: “I’m delighted that in partnership with our partners at Speed Cameras Scotland we’ve been able to install these two new permanent speed cameras at key locations in Greenock and Port Glasgow. It’s important that we continue to look at ways to make our communities and roads safer and this is one way of doing that. The addition of these new speed cameras will help improve road safety at these sites and, crucially, help change driver behaviour for the benefit of pedestrians and road users.

Further information on Safety Cameras Scotland and our camera locations can be found on our website