Safety Cameras Scotland Announce 8 New Vector Spot Speed Sites


Safety Cameras Scotland has announced the addition of 8 new enforcement locations which will introduce the new Home Office Type Approved Vector spot speed camera technology.

The new Vector SR spot speed cameras are fully contained traffic enforcement system which differ from the more traditional fixed Gatso speed cameras. The cameras use linked Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to gather information on vehicles at locations where speeds need to be managed over a short section of road. The cameras use tracking radar for spot speed enforcement and have multi lane coverage. The system is less invasive as it can be mounted on existing street furniture. An intelligent virtual grid is used for secondary speed verifications which means the traditional road markings are also not required. The system uses infra-red technology which allows images to be captured without the need for camera flash.

Geoff Collins, Deputy Managing Director of Jenoptik Traffic Solutions, said: “We are delighted to be working with Transport Scotland and supporting the delivery of Scotland's road safety vision.  These new technology VECTOR SR 'spot speed' cameras are a powerful addition to the road safety toolkit. 

“With no in-road loops or distracting flashes, they are an effective way to enhance safety at a number of locations across west and central Scotland." 

 The 8 sites where identified during the site selection process and required agreement from Safety Cameras Scotland, Police Scotland and the local authorities as being appropriate for this new enforcement -

  • Main Road, Cardross
  • Great Western Road, Glasgow
  • Crookston Road, Rosshall, Glasgow
  • Dubbs Road, Port Glasgow
  • Nitshill Road, Nitshill, Glasgow
  • Regent Street, Greenock
  • Bearsden Road, East Dunbartonshire
  • Camelon Road, Arnothill, Falkirk

Work has already begun on the installation of these cameras and once each site is ready to begin enforcing it will be included on the Safety Cameras Scotland website.

Chief Inspector Mark Patterson, Police Scotland Road Policing, said of the addition:

“Safety cameras are deployed where there is a history of injury collisions and an identified issue with speed. Every year the Safety Camera Units undertake site selection along with roads authorities to identify a list of new sites that meet the collision and speed profile criteria, as well as determining the most appropriate type of camera for enforcement."

“As a result 8 new fixed cameras will go live in March 2022, which have the advantage of being able to enforce 24 hours a day. The cameras should remind drivers of the importance of travelling within the speed limit at all times and will ultimately result in improved speed limit compliance and a reduction in collisions at these sites.”

Further information on Safety Cameras Scotland and camera locations can be found on our website