Street Lights Mean 30 campaign comes to Midlothian



The East Safety Camera Unit and Eskbank and Newbattle Community Council have been working together to improve road safety, by encouraging drivers to stick to the 30mph speed limit. Self-adhesive posters with the Street Lights Mean 30 message have been placed on bins to encourage greater speed limit compliance and improved driver behaviour from passing motorists. This campaign has already been successful in other local authority areas including Fife, Scottish Borders and Stirling and has been welcomed by residents of Eskbank and Newbattle.

Brian Wailes, Chair of Eskbank and Newbattle Community Council said “Eskbank and Newbattle Community Council and many local residents are very concerned about speeding motorists in our community.  It is fantastic to have the support of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme with the “Street Lights mean 30 mph” bin sticker campaign, to encourage motorists to improve their driver behaviour and comply with the speed limit.  The bin sticker campaign also supports local community officers conducting regular speed enforcement activity and the East Safety Camera Unit flexible deployment on Dalhousie Road, Eskbank.”

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Eric Dunion “I’m pleased that the local community has responded positively to the Street Lights Mean 30 campaign and I encourage all drivers to be reminded of the importance of sticking to the speed limit in built up areas. Motorists must be able to respond quickly to changes in road and traffic conditions in order to avoid collisions and potential injuries”.