Additional Camera Sites Being Introduced

The Scottish Safety Camera Programme has recently undertaken a national site selection exercise to identify locations on Scotland’s road network where safety cameras can be deployed to have the greatest potential to reduce injury collisions. This exercise is nearing a successful conclusion with a short-list of new sites now identified. In the coming weeks and months the Scottish Safety Camera Programme will be introducing additional safety camera locations across the country. There will be a mix of new camera types located in areas where there have been a concerning number of injury collisions where excessive speed is a contributory factor. We will update the website over the coming weeks and months with new camera locations as they become live.

Much consideration is given before the final decision is made to add a safety camera to the Programme. In the initial phase, data relating to injury collisions is analysed to establish causation factors. This information is scrutinised to ascertain if there are any actual or developing patterns relating to the location, causation factors and severity of injuries.

Consultation then takes place between Police Scotland and the relevant Local Authority to establish if there are any alternative engineering or other solutions before considering if a camera is the most suitable intervention.

Once it has been established that a camera may be of benefit, the Scottish Safety Camera Programme carries out further checks to confirm that excessive speed is a continuing factor at any identified locations.

After all these checks are carried out, further consultation is undertaken between all the relevant parties before any new camera site and its associated signage is established.

Clearly considerable preparatory work takes place before introducing any new cameras. Each Safety Camera Unit are responsible for the ongoing administration of any new camera sites in their area and deployment of the van or motorcycle if it is a mobile site.

As with all our safety cameras, road safety is our primary aim. If you are detected travelling above the speed limit, the minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 point endorsement on your driving record. Any revenue from fines generated from safety cameras are collected by the Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service and returned to HM Treasury.

Enforcement will begin at the following locations-

27.03.17 - A89 Main Street Coatbridge near Coatbridge JP Court (Mobile)

27.03.17 - A73 Westwood Road, Wishaw near Newton Drive (Mobile)

17.03.17 - B714 Dalry Road, Saltcoats near Kenilworth Drive (Mobile)

17.03.17 - B714 Dalry Road, Saltcoats near Lochranza Place (Mobile)

5.12.16 - A701 Liberton Gardens, Edinburgh (Mobile)

5.12.16 - Lasswade Road, Lasswade, Midlothian (Mobile)

5.12.16 - A6094 Salters Road, Dalkeith, Midlothian (Mobile)