Additional Deployments on A73, A82 and A83

Safety Camera Van

Safety Cameras Scotland will be supporting our Police Scotland colleagues in their road casualty reduction initiative that runs from the 11th-17th of February. Police Scotland will be targeting drivers using mobile phones, people not wearing seatbelts and motorists who speed.

As well as the existing safety camera sites, the West Safety Camera Unit has identified three additional locations that they will be attending during this week of action to help reduce speeds. These are on the A73 at Thankerton, the A82 from Luss to Tarbet and the A83 from Inveraray to Cairndow. All these locations have a history of injury collisions and high speeds.

West Safety Camera Unit Manager, Alan Thomson, stated:

"Speeding is known to be a contributory factor in many serious and fatal road traffic collisions. We can see that to be the case in these three locations on the A73, A82 and A83. From the 11th until the 17th (of February) we will be targeting these locations in an effort to improve driver behaviour. We are simply asking motorists to know their limits and drive at a speed appropriate to the conditions."