Average Speed Camera improves driver behaviour on Mill Street, Rutherglen

Mill Street Average Speed Camera

There has been a significant improvement in driver behaviour since the £250k Average Speed Camera (ASC) system went live on Mill Street, Rutherglen one year ago today (19.9.18).

Prior to the cameras being installed, over the 3 year period (2015 – 2018) there had been 9 road collisions which resulted in injury with around two thirds of vehicles speeding on the route every day. Since average speed cameras were deployed on the route there have been no injury collisions recorded on the route and there has been a significant improvement in the level of speed limit compliance.

Average speed cameras are part of a range of safety camera technology which aims to reduce casualties on Scotland's roads by providing a visible and effective deterrent. We know these cameras are effective at doing so because we have seen huge improvements on the existing stretches of road that these cameras cover. Take the A77 for example where fatal and serious casualties reduced by 56%. Or the A90, where prior to the cameras being installed, 3-in-5 vehicles were speeding, now it's 1-in-100.

Alan Bowater, West Safety Camera Unit Manager “I’m pleased that the Average Speed Camera on Mill Street has resulted in an improvement in speed compliance and driver behaviour. The fact that there have been no serious injury collisions shows that this type of system is effective in improving safety on our roads. I would like to thank drivers for making this route safer for all road users”