East Safety Camera Unit and local police enforcing in village of Dairsie

Camera van with window open

Along with colleagues from local policing, the East Safety Camera Unit will be enforcing on the A91 in Dairsie, commencing on Friday 5 April 2019. This is in response to numerous concerns raised by the local community, regarding the failure of drivers to comply with the 30mph speed limit.

Police Inspector Jane Combe “it is disappointing that drivers are risking the safety of the community of Dairsie by not sticking to the 30mph speed limit. This limit is in place as motorists need to be able to react and stop quickly. Driving over the speed limit increase the chances of a collision and injury to the public.”

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Andy Jones, stated: “we are pleased to be working with our local police colleagues to enforce in Dairsie. Hopefully, the presence of the mobile camera van will improve driver behaviour and act as reminder to motorists that they must stick to the speed limit”