Free Vehicle Logbooks For Small Businesses

Vehicle Logbook

Do you operate a small business in Scotland? Do you know who's been driving your company vehicles at any particular time?

We've partnered with ScORSA to create a vehicle logbook that's been designed to make it easier for a small business to run their fleet.

These logbooks will help you to keep accurate records of who was driving your company vehicles on a specific date and at a specific time. This will enable you to adhere to Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 whereby it is the responsibility of the Registered Keeper to know who is driving a vehicle at all times.

Recent amendments to Health and Safety law have made it clear that employers can be judged to have a responsibility for the actions of their employees when carrying out tasks such as driving for work.

In an effort to help small business comply with the law these vehicle logbooks have been developed to provide you with the opportunity to record vehicle use. It is recommended that drivers complete journey details on a daily basis and the information should be filed on a weekly/fortnightly basis for future reference. The information completed in the logs can also be used to monitor mileage and fuel consumption.

We have also compiled a helpful booklet – the first page is an emergency contacts page – and the remaining 15 pages go on to cover such topics as legal matters, accident procedures, what to do in a breakdown, journey planning, fitness to drive, distraction and road use attitude.

Please get in touch using the form on the Contact page of the website to get your FREE logbooks.