Increase in speeding drivers on A90 Edinburgh

40mph sign

There has been a marked increase in the number of motorists detected over the speed limit on the A90 Road between Burnshot Flyover and Cammo Road. The speed limit for this stretch of the A90 is 40mph, as the road is used by vulnerable road users with pedestrian thoroughfares.

East Safety Camera Unit Manager Andy Jones said “it is disappointing that the presence of the mobile camera van is not acting as enough of a deterrent. The cameras are deployed to this site due to a history of collisions and casualties. Blatant disregard for the speed limit puts all road users in danger. We are currently consulting with our partners at City of Edinburgh Council to look at the possibility of introducing further measures to reduce speeding on this route””

Police Inspector Roger Park of Edinburgh City Road Policing Unit “When motorists drive in excess of the speed limit, they will have less time to react to changes in the road, weather and traffic conditions. This could prove catastrophic on this route which is regularly used by cyclists and pedestrians. We will continue to monitor offences at this site and will where necessary and proportionate, tailor an appropriate enforcement program to deter and detect offenders.