Motorist detected at 123mph on the A9 banned from driving for 4 months and £500 fine.

Following a court appearance at Perth Sheriff Court motorist Thomas Paterson from Newtonmore has been disqualified from driving for 4 months and fined £500.  In court Paterson was told that there was no other option but to disqualify him from driving due to the high speed that he was travelling at and the danger that he posed to other road users.

Paterson was detected travelling at 123mph on the A9 by a mobile safety camera from the North Safety Camera Unit.

North Safety Camera Unit Manager, Arron Duncan, stated:

"I welcome the result of this case in the hope that it sends a clear message to all motorists that disregard the speed limits that are in place and that such driving must be considered socially unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Thomas Patterson made the conscious decision to drive at unacceptable speeds that not only put him in danger but also put other innocent road users in danger.  Whilst it may be a cliche it is true that arriving late is better than not arriving at all, not just for Mr Paterson but for anybody unfortunate enough to be impacted upon by such driving behaviours. In addition in this specific case arriving late would also not have created the hardships that Mr Paterson now has to face."

The A9 is sadly too often the scene of serious and fatal road traffic collisions and it is well proven that the risk of a collision and the resultant injuries sustained as a consequence significantly increase with speed.

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