Police Scotland and Safety Camera Vans to begin deployments on routes to Crail Raceway.

Safety Camera Van

The East Safety Camera Unit will be commencing deployments, on routes to the Crail Raceway, along with colleagues from road and local policing, beginning on the weekend of 23-24 March 2019.

This deployment is in response to previous incidents of motorists driving at excessive speeds prior to and after Crail Thrash events and concerns raised by local people.

Police Inspector Jane Combe said “Police Scotland is acting on concerns raised by the local community about speeding motorists travelling to and from the Crail Raceway. We are pleased to be working with our colleagues at the East Safety Camera Unit to ensure that motorists adhere to the speed limits”.

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Andy Jones, stated: “we would rather educate motorists on the dangers of driving at speeds that are unsuitable for the road conditions. However, previous occurrences of speeding on routes to the Crail Raceway has meant that it is necessary to deploy our mobile cameras to encourage improved driver behaviour”.

Police Inspector Andy Mather, Road Policing said “during previous racing weekends at Crail, Police Scotland recorded incidents of motorists driving over the speed limit, particularly on the A92 between Redhouse and Cowdenbeath. We want to send a clear message to motorists that driving over the speed limit is not acceptable and they are putting themselves and other road users in danger”.