Safety Camera Van at Lauder Road, Dalkeith

From the 3rd of December the East Safety Camera Unit will commence a two week initiative in an effort to reduce speeds on Lauder Road in Dalkeith. It is hoped the intensive short term focus on this road will lead to motorists considering their speed while they pass the nearby St David's Primary School.

Manager from the East Safety Camera Unit, Andy Jones, said:

"Our colleagues in Police Scotland and Midlothian Council have identified that there have been some concerning speeds on Lauder Road, especially when you consider it is outside a school. I recognise that these high speeds can deter people from walking or cycling due to safety concerns and hope that our short term deployment here can improve matters for all."

Sergeant Dougie Grieve from Police Scotland stated:

"We have listened to the concerns of the community about the speeds of vehicles travelling on Lauder Road. Speeding is unacceptable and puts motorists and pedestrians at risk. This is particularly relevant when you consider that over 200 children attend this school. By having the safety camera van at this location I am confident it will act as a deterrent and encourage motorists to watch their speed."