Safety Camera Van to Begin Visiting A955 Methilhaven Road in Methil

The East Safety Camera Unit will be commencing a short term deployment from the 4th of March until 3rd of May 2019 on the A955 Methilhaven Road in Methil. The safety camera van will be enforcing at this location to reduce speeds in an area where there have been five collisions that have included injuries to pedestrians and cyclists in recent years.

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Andy Jones, stated:

"We are pleased to be supporting local policing to reduce dangerous speeds on a road where vulnerable road users have been injured. The safety camera van is a fantastic resource that we can deploy to communities where road casualties and speeding is an issue. It is our hope that if we reduce speeds then it will make this road safer for all."

Police Scotland Community Inspector, John Docherty, said:

"Higher speeds remove a driver's safety margin and turns near misses into crashes, this can be catastrophic when the casualty is a vulnerable road user such as a pedestrian or cyclist. I fully support the safety camera van visiting Methilhaven Road and hope that motorists take note and travel within the speed limit."