Scotland’s First Urban Average Speed Camera System To Be Installed on Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh

average speed camera being installed at Old Dalkeith Road

For the first time in Scotland, an Average Speed Camera system is to be installed on a local road. The system is being introduced on Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh to improve safety on the route, reduce the number of injury collisions and encourage motorists to drive within the speed limit.

Following a national site selection exercise, an average speed camera system has been agreed as the most effective and appropriate intervention. In the three years 2013-15, there were 6 injury collisions on this stretch of Old Dalkeith Road alone, including 3 resulting in serious injury or fatality. Speed surveys have also been carried out which indicate speed is a continuing concern with a high proportion of vehicles travelling above the speed limit.

We know from experience on the A77 and the A9 the significant road safety improvements that average speed cameras deliver, and expect similar outcomes for the scheme on Old Dalkeith Road.  After installation is complete in the coming weeks (construction commences 3.5.17), a period of testing will be carried out with the system scheduled to be fully operational later in May.

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Inspector Vinnie Fisher said - "Having identified a high casualty rate on Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh and having ruled out other potential remedial measures, we considered all the tactical options available to combat the excessive speed on the road. Following analysis and discussions with colleagues in City of Edinburgh Council and the Scottish Safety Camera programme Office, it was agreed an average speed camera system would be the most effective intervention in making the road safer for everyone using the route. We are confident the system will have a noticeable effect on driver behaviour and the speeds of vehicles on this stretch of road with a resultant reduction in casualties."