Speed Enforcement at Larkfield Road

Speed Camera at Larkfield Road

Speed camera enforcement will soon begin to take place on Larkfield Road thanks to the new fixed speed camera and new mobile camera van site. Recent speed surveys have shown that well over half (58.2%) of motorists using this road are travelling above the speed limit. These figures are especially concerning given that in recent years, there have been several people injured and even killed on this road. The introduction of the cameras aims to see a reduction in these numbers.

West Safety Camera Unit Manager, Alan Thomson, said:

“These cameras are there to detect the motorists who think its ok to put their own and other lives at risk by speeding. Our message to them is to think about what they are doing, slow down and travel within the speed limit.”

The camera van will begin visiting Larkfield Road from later this week and the fixed camera will be operational from week beginning the 28th of May. The penalty for speeding carries a minimum £100 fine and 3 penalty points.