Speeding motorist fined a total of £500 and disqualified from driving for 28 days.

Average Speed Camera (stock)

Following a court appearance at Aberdeen District Court the driver of a Ford Transit Van has been fined a total of £500 and disqualified from driving for 28 days. The motorist was detected twice on the A90 between Aberdeen and Dundee travelling above the 60mph speed limit permitted for the type of vehicle. The motorist was detected by the average speed cameras that are fully operational day and night along the A90.

North Safety Camera Unit Manager, Arron Duncan, stated:

"I welcome the result of this case on the grounds that I hope it sends a clear message to all motorists that disregard the speed limits that are in place and the importance of knowing what they are for the vehicle they are driving. On this occasion the motorist has been detected on two separate occasions travelling in excess of the speed limit applicable to his vehicle type which is 60mph on a dual carriageway. Travelling at speeds in excess of the legal speed limit is either a conscious decision by the driver, ignorance or a lack of attention to the task all of which are equally dangerous not just to that person but to all road users and this is unacceptable no matter how much over the speed limit a driver is travelling."

Average Speed Cameras have been operational on the A90 between Dundee and Aberdeen since 31 October 2017 and Transport Scotland data has suggested that there has been a significant improvement in driver behaviour and speed limit compliance since implementation.

All speed camera locations can be found http://www.safetycameras.gov.scot/cameras/safety-camera-locations/