Team Tasker are 'Keeping It For The Track'

Team Tasker with Safety Camera Unit and Police Scotland

The East Safety Camera Unit, Scottish Safety Camera Programme and Police Scotland have linked in with very successful Clackmannanshire motorcycle racing brother and sister duo “Team Tasker”. Scottish Superbike Champion, Andrew Tasker, and F600 NEMCRC Champion 2015, Sammi Tasker, are keen to encourage motorcyclists and drivers to consider their speed as well as their riding and driving manner as we go into autumn.

As summer turns to autumn, many factors affect our roads. Falling leaves, shortening days, fading light, changeable weather and agricultural vehicles all add to the dangers on our roads.

In support of Road Safety Scotland’s Country Roads campaign, Police Scotland and the Scottish Safety Camera Units will be carrying out regular patrols and checks on country roads around Scotland.

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