North Safety Camera Unit announces October short term deployments.

Whilst the summer might be long gone with October breaks about to start the North Safety Camera Unit is to recommence enforcement at a small number of locations across the region.

This year the short term enforcement locations have been identified by Local Authority and Road Policing colleagues with the aim of improving driver behaviour by encouraging motorists to slow down and drive within the speed limits.

The four locations to be revisited during the month of October are on routes where it is anticipated that the traffic flow will be higher during the school holidays and given the number of offenders and speeds detected during enforcement over the summer months require more attention.


A90 layby 250 metres south of A952 Toll of Birness.


A92 Dundee to Arbroath approx. 1km east of junction with A930 Carlogie Road.


A836 Thurso to John o Groats road approx. 250 metres east of junction with Sibmister road, Murkle.


A96 layby 60 metres east of junction to Earnside, Alves.

Eric Dunion, Unit Manager of the Police Scotland’s North Safety Camera Unit says: “We are once again revisiting four locations that were selected earlier in the year for enforcement under the short term deployment scheme. Enforcement at these locations has resulted in 304 offences this year and some unacceptable high speeds, the highest detection being 40mph over the speed limit in place.  So with the anticipated increase in traffic on these routes during the October holidays we are returning in order to encourage motorists to modify their behaviour and stick to the speed limits that are in place. 

Chief Inspector Andy Barclay, Road Policing North Area Commander says:  “Police Scotland and our Safety Camera Unit are committed to reducing casualties on our roads. We work with our partners in order to influence driver and road user behaviour to improve road safety. It is the responsibility of all motorists to show consideration for other road users and to travel at an appropriate speed within the limit.  With the expected increase in travel during the October holidays the implementation of these short term deployment locations are part of a partnership response to improving road safety.”

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