North Safety Camera Unit sponsor travel bulletin on Bauer Radio’s Tay FM and Northsound stations.

Police Scotland’s North Safety Camera Unit are delighted to announce that as of today (8/1/2024) they will be sponsoring the travel reports on Northsound, covering the North East area during the breakfast travel bulletins and Tay FM, covering the Tayside area during the getting you home travel bulletins.

A series of messages have been recorded to encourage motorists to modify their behaviour and adhere to the speed limits in place and to refer to the website for enforcement location details. These messages will be played during the travel bulletin time slots on rotation and it is hoped that these will change during the next three months to cover local activity.

Eric Dunion, North Safety Camera Unit Manager says: ‘We are always looking for different ways to educate and inform motorists and this sponsorship opportunity enables us to be able to target those in their vehicles at key travel times in the Tayside and North East areas. ‘


More information on safety camera locations can be found at