Safety Cameras Scotland launches “limit your speed, not their future” campaign to improve road safety for vulnerable road users


Safety Cameras Scotland is urging motorists to consider the lives of those walking, wheeling or cycling, through a social media and local advertising campaign. The “limit your speed, not their future” campaign focuses on the future plans of vulnerable road users to emphasise that inappropriate speed on the roads can result in lives being cut short, ambitions being unfulfilled and devastation for family and friends. By encouraging motorists to think about the lives of vulnerable road users, it is hoped that they are more likely to consider their safety and travel at an appropriate speed.

Safety Cameras Scotland aims to reduce the number of people injured on our roads through targeted camera enforcement and improving driver behaviour.

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Michael Grant said “The Highway Code establishes a hierarchy of road users which ensures that those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to other road users. Vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders have no protective shield to absorb energy from the impact of a collision, therefore motorists should consider their safety and reduce their speed. It is hoped that the “limit your speed, not their future” campaign will remind motorists that each vulnerable road user has a future ahead of them, which can be taken away due to inappropriate speed on our roads. Speeding isn’t worth the risk.”

A Cycling Scotland spokesperson said: “It’s vital that we tackle speeding and other dangerous driving behaviour to keep everyone safe on our roads, whether they’re cycling, walking, wheeling or driving. Evidence shows the risk of serious injury or death for people cycling and walking increases disproportionately as speed increases and that enforcement, including speed cameras, makes roads safer for all.”