Safety Cameras Scotland support responsible travel to North West 200


Police Scotland are expecting an influx of bikers this week within the West of Scotland as many travel to Northern Ireland to spectate at the North West 200 which kicks off on Thursday the 9th May.

The North West 200 is the largest annual sporting event in Northern Ireland, with the race weekend attracting over 150,000 visitors from all over the world. The celebration of biking will see many motorcyclists travelling through the West of Scotland, en route to the ferry terminal at Cairnryan.

To help ensure the safe movement of traffic, Police Scotland will be increasing patrols along the A75 and A77. These patrols will be supported by Safety Cameras Scotland who are operating daily mobile deployments along the A75, alongside the average speed camera system which is in place on the A77. Drivers travelling along these routes are reminded to act responsibly on the roads and consider the safety of all road users on their journey.

Police Scotland will also be linking in with PSNI to make sure that for those travelling by ferry through Cairnryan to Larne have an enjoyable experience with minimal delay, and any emerging issues are dealt with effectively.    

Inspector Ally Johnson of the National Motorcycle Unit ‘We want everyone travelling to the North West 200 over the coming days to have the best experience possible. As a keen biker myself I take great pleasure in seeing bikers coming together to celebrate the event in a safe and responsible manner. Police Scotland and Safety Cameras Scotland will be supporting your journey over to Northern Ireland with increased patrols on the roads in order to keep the network moving and get you there without any unexpected incident.’

Further information on Safety Cameras Scotland and our camera locations can be found on our website