Safety Cameras Scotland urges bikers to ‘limit your speed, not your future’


As more bikers get ready to explore what Scotland has to offer over the summer months we are asking them to ‘limit your speed, not your future’. Losing control when travelling at excessive speed is one of the most common causes of collisions involving motorcyclists, the consequences can be devastating.

The limit your speed, not your future campaign aims to improve road safety for bikers by urging them to travel at a safe speed. The campaign focuses on the future plans of bikers to emphasise that inappropriate speed on the roads can result in lives being cut short, ambitions being unfulfilled and devastation for family and friends

Travelling at safe speeds is shown to reduce the risk of road death and injury and enable more people to make safe and healthy journeys. Not only does it give bikers enough time to spot and react to hazards on the road, but if an impact was to occur it would be less likely to cause serious injury or a fatality.

Safety Cameras Scotland’s aim is to reduce the number of people injured on our roads through targeted camera enforcement and improving rider behaviour. Over the summer months we will be operating additional short term deployments to support this. 

Motorcyclists have to rely on their skill and responsiveness to stay safe on the road. By following some simple steps you can enjoy Scotland’s roads responsibly.

  • Actively search for speed limit signs/road markings warning you of hazards on the road and reduce your speed accordingly, particularly on bends.
  • Ride to the conditions at all times.
  • Maintain a safe following distance and provide adequate time for you to brake to a stop if necessary.
  • Never travel so fast that you can’t stop safely on your side of the road.
  • Country roads have an increased element of skid risks from farm traffic and livestock. Keep this in mind and travel at a speed which allows you to spot any hazards and adjust your path in a safe manner.
  • Drive defensively. Do not assume other drivers have seen you and be prepared to react, especially at junctions.
  • Travelling above the speed limit does not prove you are an experienced biker.

By reducing your speed you are allowing yourself more time to observe any hazards on the horizon, plan your course of action, and react safely and accordingly.

Inspector Ally Johnson, from Police Scotland’s National Motorcycle Unit, said: “As a keen biker myself, I know the excitement about getting back out onto your motorcycle after several months of harsh, cold and rough weather. But it’s important to remember that motorcyclists remain some of the most vulnerable road users. Most motorcycle collisions are caused by a loss of control, due to excessive speeds or sudden braking. By riding within the speed limit, you’re not only drastically reducing the chances of critical injuries to yourself and others, but you’re doing your part to keep Scotland’s roads safe.”

Further information on Safety Cameras Scotland and camera locations can be found on our website