Short term deployments announced on A701 and A708


Safety Cameras Scotland have announced short term deployments along the A701 and A708 over the summer period in order to improve speed limit compliance on the roads.

Both roads see an increase in traffic over the summer months, which is a favourite route for bikers and tourists in particular. Bikers are a vulnerable group on the road as they have less protection, therefore are more likely to be injured in a collision.  Due to the roads popularity with bikers there are a disproportionate number of injury collisions on these roads involving motorcycles. By implementing short term deployments on the A701 and A708 drivers will be influenced to remain within the speed limit and reduce the risk on the road for all road users.

Alan Bowater, Area Manager for the West Safety Camera Unit stated ‘We see an increase in the number of vehicles on both the A701 and A708 over the summer months. In response to this the mobile enforcement vehicles from both the West and East Safety Camera Units will be deployed throughout July and August to support local road policing in improving speed limit compliance on the road and keeping the roads safe for everyone to enjoy.’

Enforcement will begin within Dumfries and Galloway on the A701 and A708 on the 1st July, with enforcement from the East Safety Camera Unit commencing on the 15th July. There will be a further press release in regards to this nearer the time.

Further information on Safety Cameras Scotland and the work we do can be found on our website