Van drivers - Are you going 10mph slower?

Do you know your van limits?  Van speed limits are 10mph less than standard cars on single carriageways (50mph limit) and dual carriageways (60mph limit). 

If you drive a van for a living, own a company that has vans or hire/borrow a van occasionally we can help you to know your limits by sending you free stickers and/or posters displaying the speed limits.

We have recently seen an increase in the number of drivers who when detected by a safety camera told us they thought the van they were driving had the same speed limit as a car.

Some say their vans are too small to be restricted or car-derived vans (although there are very few of them on the road now) but we would urge everyone to check on the DVLA website to see the category of the vehicle.

So why it is important to know your limits?  Well being over the speed limit may lead to:

  • Points and a £100 fine.
  • Court Appearance.
  • Loss of licence.
  • Potential loss of livelihood.
  • Change in personal circumstances due to no longer being able to drive.
  • Higher chance of being involved in a collision.
  • More severe injuries if you were involved in a collision.

Simply use the contact us form on this website to request your free posters and/or stickers.