Safety Cameras Scotland

Safety Cameras Scotland is the collective name for the North, East and West Safety Camera Units. We work together with the Scottish Safety Camera Programme and Police Scotland in operating speed and red-light cameras across Scotland. We are grant funded by the Scottish Government through the Scottish Safety Camera Programme and operate in accordance with the Programme Handbook. Safety cameras are there to make our roads safer, not to make money. The Safety Camera Units, Police Scotland and the Scottish Safety Camera Programme do not receive any revenue from speeding or red-light fines; please see Q&A's for more information.

Every death and serious injury on the roads is one too many. Through targeted camera enforcement and improving driver behaviour, our aim is to contribute to Scotland’s road safety vision and road safety targets by encouraging road users to think about their speed and to deter people from going over the speed limit or running a red-light.

On this website you will find the locations of our cameras, information about us, and guidance on what to do if you have received correspondence regarding a speeding or red-light offence.


Take a look at our new Virtual Reality (VR) video, #SpeedCheck360, it’s been filmed in 360 degrees to give you a new perspective on road safety. (Simply use the arrows or rotate your mobile device to move the point of view so you can see all around you!)

Let's be honest, if it's been a while since you passed your driving test, then you might not have looked at the Highway Code for some time. We all know rule 124, "You MUST NOT exceed the maximum speed limits for the road and for your vehicle", but what about rule 125 and 126?

Jump in to our immersive 360° experience and let us refresh your memory and explain why checking your speed is so important.

News / Updates

  • AWPR opening - road users urged to drive with caution

    Craibstone to Stonehaven and Charleston section to open on Wednesday 12 December 

    Road users are being encouraged to drive with extreme caution on all north east roads while they become accustomed to…

  • Safety Camera Van at Lauder Road, Dalkeith

    From the 3rd of December the East Safety Camera Unit will commence a two week initiative in an effort to reduce speeds on Lauder Road in Dalkeith. It is hoped the intensive short term focus on this ro…

  • fixed speed camera

    Fixed Speed Camera at Kirkshaws Road, Coatbridge Goes Live

    The Scottish Safety Camera Programme aims to reduce the number of casualties on Scotland's roads by providing a visible and effective deterrent. The newest site to be identified by The Programme is Ki…

  • Polnessan Average Speed Camera

    Polnessan Average Speed Cameras

    A £147k average speed camera system in Polnessan, East Ayrshire, will be operational from week beginning 29th of October 2018. Average speed cameras have been proven to be an effective solution in imp…

  • Mill Street Rutherglen Average Speed Camera

    Mill Street Rutherglen Average Speed Cameras Go Live

    The new average speed camera system at Mill Street in Rutherglen will be live from Wednesday the 19th of September. Commuters who use the road regularly will have noticed the cameras being installed a…